Sunday, August 1, 2010

At last "typeC" was completed.

At last I completed the "Karate for DCS2/CCS/XRPS".

I spent about 1 year to make this, because I had been very busy in real life from last autumn to this spring.

But in June, I opened the official website, and today I released this "typeC".
I am a little happy now.

You can watch this animation by YouTube from following URL.

The characteristic of "typeC" is composition from classical and traditional skills of karate.

When I started to learn karate, I wondered "will these skills be usable in real match?".

After that, I understood those seem not to be usable.But the interest lasted all the time.

When I tested this weapon, I thought "It is cool unexpectedly."

By the way, I set the price "L$1700", slightly low price.
I will be happy if many players use this weapon.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Kime" of Karate

In karate dojo, students often take advice to use "Kime" in basic skill. Almost students understand "Kime" by watching the motion of seniors. It will be difficult to explain by words.

Yesterday, I released the new animation "Fists,Elbow,Sweep".
I took care to express "Kime" in this animation.

What is "Kime" in making animation?
I think it will be "Ease in" of animation technique.

The following images are each frames of the part of "Sweep Guard".

From 1st to 3rd images are small change. And 4th is big change, and 5th is stop. Stop continues to 7th.

This is ease in. I think it is necessary to make the motion like "Kime".

You can watch this animation by YouTube from following URL.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Memories of "Six Kicks"

In "Six Kick", tehre are also many memories, because it was a skill for examination, too.
Especially, the "Hook Kick" was very seductive skill for me.

In this combination skill, the player should do the "Hook Kick" after the roundhouse kick.
I could not understand the angle of waist for the hook kick.

If I want to do the hook kick effectively, the kick must hit perpendicularly to the opponent.
But my body was not very flexible. So when I tried to kick it effectively, I had to incline the upper body.

If the player's body is very flexible, he can do the hook kick effctively without incline his upper body.

This animation is a motion of the player who has a flexible body.

Watch movie and read details is this page.

By the way, the place I took picture for YouTube is a hangar of the airplanes.
There seems be a person who loves airplanes.

In usual, I do not take awalk in SL.
So, it is very interesting to search the favorite place to take pictures.

There seems many people who want to make their favorite objects.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Memories of "Five Kicks"

Today, I released the animation "Five Kicks".
I remembered this skill is was a problem of the examination.

I think I have learned this skill when I was white belt. But I couldn't follow others. I practiced a lot and advanced little by little.

When I had become green belt, I could play this skill smoothly.

At my first examination, I was very tired because I didn't know about the examination. I think the last problem of basic skill was "Five Kicks". I have finished doing it desperately while being out of breath.

I think that we were made to do this skill in examinations of all levels.

If he lets the skill succeed, the wide position will be same as beginning. But in actual, it was very difficult. So, I often hit the next person.

I put the thought that I wanted to do this skill like this animation.

Watch movie and read details is this page.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Humor in the sky 300m, again

I introduced the airplaen in the 300m sky.
Recently, the object has changed.This photo is the old airplane. The cloud is beautiful.

Now, the photo below is the same place.

It has changed to jet plane.
I think only a few people can find the site. So, it seems cool.
I look forward to changing.
Next change is to be space ship?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I made the first motion of Saifa.

I made the animation "2 elbows and the backfist". This is a first part of kata "Safa". It was my favorite kata when I was young.

Watch movie and read details is this page.

When I had begun to live in Tokyo and found a job, I was asked to show kata of karate by senior employees in a party.  I showed this kata "Saifa".

I have forgotten almost kata, but I remember my favorite part of Saifa, so I made this animation.

I took this picture near the shore. The wave is bery beautiful.
I think Second Life progresses in details.

The Linden Lab to be confused. But I want SL to swell somehow again.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"Round Chops" is released.

The skill "Round Chops" is for training for seniors in dojo.

Watch movie and read details is this page.

By the way, today is the last day of the "Kichijoji Sim". So, I took pictures in there today, too.

The building over there is my shop.
There are a lot of memories in this city.

Memories in Second Life are strangely real.