Monday, July 30, 2007

I released the new combination skill of karate

Hi,this is the report of new karate animation!

It is the combination of left punch,right punch,backspin blow and axe kick.
Watch the YouTube movie.

This skill seems to be quite popular.So,I released it, and several visitors were bought in succession immediately.

Punches make enemy lean back,and axe kick drop to run after it.
The point of axe kick is how to use the waist and a pivot leg.

By the way, so the avatar has moved just as I wanted, I was satisfied and felt him pretty.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sculpted Prim by LightWave3D

Hi,this became the update article after a long absence again.

It is the reason why I was not able to update it for a while,that I revised LightWave which was a main tool.So,I have done the setting and inspected the new functions.

It was the plugin for Second Life and "Surface Baking Camera" that I paid attention to in this version up in particular.Plug in called "LWOEncorder" increases one more, but I leave it unattended first of all without understanding use well.

By the way, it is an object like an onion on the Nippon Budokan that I made by Sculpt.
It is in JAPAN 03 65, 50, 26
( )
As for me, there was not the contemplation to this object in particular.
The reason why I made this is that I wanted to reduce the number of prims and seemed to be suitable for sculpt.

After all the workmanship of the sculpt object became quite coarse.What I made at first with LightWave is as follows.
As for the object made by sculpt, the surface is uneven when I compare it with this.
Possibly there may be too much number of the polygons when I made it with LightWave.Because it was hard to look for the number of the appropriate polygons right now, I improved it in this state first of all.

In addition, I intend to make trial and error in various ways.

By the way, I try to make animation hard this week ,because I did not yet take out the new work of the animation this month.

I think now I hould make a new work of combination skill animation of karate, because combination skill animations are popular in my work showing more than expected to.

Thank you!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I Opened a New Shop

Hi, this is an entry after a long absence.
I have been making a new shop of Karate animation in "Japan 03 "SIM.

I thought that 2 weeks will be necessary to make a new shop.
This expectation was right.

I completed to make it.
This is my new shop. I imaged the Nippon Budokan and made it.
The veiw from the above is this.
The symbol of golden object was also made.
And the inside becomes the outer space.

Please visit and ejoy it!