Friday, September 28, 2007

Right Roundhouse Kick

Hi, I released the animation "Right Roundhouse Kick ".

I had a hard time a little to make this animation.
I think that there is the personality in the kick with a leg of the rear.

There will be two types about the right kick.
The first type is raising a leg linearly, and going to hit to a right angle on the head of the enemy.

The second type is swinging down from the top after putting a knee inward from one's center, and returning a waist.

I hesitated a little on making an animattion which way of kicking I would make it.
But I decided to make second type.
Because in 3DCG game, the first type kick is common very much and is worthless .

I expressed to do a complete turn by surplus energy after the kick.
Actually, this action is often seen in battle, whether it is not good.

And I made the another version at the same time.
It is "Right Roundhouse Kick with Feint".
The feint to start front kick before roundhouse kick is a popular skill.
The dificult point was slight adjustment of speed.

Please try on them in my shop.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Jumping Backspin Kick

Hi, I released a new Karate animation, "Jumping Backspin Kick".
This kick is very popular in Japan because it has been used by most popular pro-wrestler "Tigermask" about 23years ago.

I also had been crazy about his fighting, so I had often practiced this kick.
Please watch my animation of this kick.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

HUD to control animation "Motion Plug1.0"

The issue of this HUD for "Second Life 1.18.5 Viewer " was found.

Hi, I have completed the HUD to control animation, "Motion Plug1.0".

I am distributing it free in my shop, and I want to introduce function or how to use here. (You can go to my shop in teleport from right banners)

The video that the avator uses "Motion Plug".

///// Function //////
[Motion Plug] is a HUD to control the avator animation by 1 click.
There is a function that the animation can be asigned to gesture and be controled by shortcut key.But the function can be used only for the animation with full permission.

Almost animations in shops are (no copy,no moddify) and they can not be asigned to gesture,so we must open them from inventory by double click, and click the button of dialog box.

[Motion Plug] is a solution for the complicatedness, and makes you enjoy animation in one click easily,by doing access permission at the time of wearing in a mass.I developed [Motion Plug] for my customers to enjoy my Karate animations.But [Motion Plug] can be used for all animations like dances,poses,and so on.

//// How to use ////
(1)Rez the object "Motion_Plug1.0_box" on the ground of sand box or your land.
(2)Right click it and open the content.
(3)Put the "MotionPlug1.0" in the inventory.
(4)Rez the "MotionPlug1.0" from inventory to the ground.
(5)Operate a camera so that "MotionPlug1.0" is displayed greatly. (It will be easy to adjust it when you move up "MotionPlug1.0" from the ground)
(6)Check the "Edit linked parts" box in the Edit menu and select the button modelled the human body parts in the "Motion_Plug1.0_box".
(7)Open the Content tab in the Edit menu, drag and drop the animation that you want to use into Content. Put the animation that are not loop animation in this button and hotkey button.(These buttons do't have the function to stop the loop animations)
(8)Likewise, open the Content tab of the "Loop" button, and put the loop animation such as pose in it.("Loop" buttons have a function to stop the loop animations by second click.)
(9)When you finish putting the animations that you want to use,close the edit menu and take "MotionPlug1.0" in your inventory.
(10)Drag and drop the "MotionPlug1.0" to attach your avator.
(11)So,the blue dialog boxes will be appeared on the right upper area, click "Yes".20 dialog boxes will be appeared,please click thes entirely quickly.
(12)Click buttons of the HUD that is in the lower right area, and please play animations.(Dialog box does not appear anymore)
//// Attention ////
The animation data are sold separately.
Please put only one animation in one button.
If you close a Second Life viewer with putting this HUD on, when you log in on the next time, the dialog boxes will appears.

//// Group ////
I established a group to send update information from "Brave Stream".
Please search the group with keyword "Brave Stream English",and push the "Join" button.

//// Distributing Place (This HUD is free.) ////

Brave Stream #1
Brave Stream #2
Brave Stream #3