Friday, September 28, 2007

Right Roundhouse Kick

Hi, I released the animation "Right Roundhouse Kick ".

I had a hard time a little to make this animation.
I think that there is the personality in the kick with a leg of the rear.

There will be two types about the right kick.
The first type is raising a leg linearly, and going to hit to a right angle on the head of the enemy.

The second type is swinging down from the top after putting a knee inward from one's center, and returning a waist.

I hesitated a little on making an animattion which way of kicking I would make it.
But I decided to make second type.
Because in 3DCG game, the first type kick is common very much and is worthless .

I expressed to do a complete turn by surplus energy after the kick.
Actually, this action is often seen in battle, whether it is not good.

And I made the another version at the same time.
It is "Right Roundhouse Kick with Feint".
The feint to start front kick before roundhouse kick is a popular skill.
The dificult point was slight adjustment of speed.

Please try on them in my shop.

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