Monday, June 15, 2009

Seiken Sandan Zuki

Hi, I made an animation of "Seiken Sandan Zuki".
"Seiken" is a fist, "Sandan" means triple, and "Zuki" means punsh.

It begins from "Zenkutsu dachi" which I released a few weeks ago.
In karate dojo, students train this motion many times.
This is a very traditional karate motion, so this will not be used in real match.

1st, this is "Zenkutsu dachi".

2nd, right seiken

3rd, left seiken
4th, right again

It is important to begin punch motion after decide the position of waist.

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Update of "Karate typeS"

Hi, today I released "Karate for DCS/CCS/XRPS typeS 1.5".
It is the update virsion.

This update was given to follow the rule of many combat SIMs.
The jump distance of "Reverse Roundhouse Jumping Triple Kick" and "Triangle Jump" were redused.

Customers who purchased "typeS" can exchange to "typeS 1.5".
If you want to exchange, send IM to me(William7 Streeter).

I will confirm the avatar's name.
*Give me IM from the avatar that purchased the "typeS". If a different avatar send me IM, I cannot distinguish it is real or not.

I pray for what people enjoy with my weapon.

Thank you!