Saturday, June 30, 2007

High Kick ~ Reverse Roundhouse Kick

Hi, I released the combination of left high kick ~ right reverse roundhouse kick.
I think there may be much one to remember this motion by TV dramas and movies.

The good player of the kick really uses even the karate match as the effective skill.

When I make this motion, the point that I should be careful to is this pose to take down the left foot when I move to revers roundhouse kick from a left high kick. The place that photographed this is land of "Japan Islands" which I obtained newly.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I was impressed.


I'm always thinking about making animations.
But I intended to sometimes enjoy to sightseeing ,so I watched various towns in second life.

After walkimg some towns,I found the favorite town named "DEJIMA".
There is a Tokyo Tower made very precisely.

And, this is a main theme of today,there was a concert hall with screen.
I have known that movie can be shown in second life,but didn't know it is so clearly.
I was a little impressed.
I saw singers very splendidly and melodies won through up to memory.

This place is dejima 216,37,27.
Or the searching in keyword "DEJIMA" may be early.

This SIM is of very high quality generally.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

YouTube movie

I wanted to show the karate animation easily.
So ,I captured a movie of my animation in SL,and uploaded to YouTube.

The movie quality considerably deteriorates, but I will glad if you can feel the nuance of the combination of two punches and roundhouse kick.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

I showed the combination skill.

Hello, I showed the combination skill.
It is the combination made from left punch,right punch,left high roundhousekick.
It is called "one two high" in Japanese karate dojo.

Till today,I made roundhousekick,left punch and right punch.
Even if I arrange the 3 simply,they do not become the combination .

For example,in the case ofn the case of upper combination,I start the next skill with the twist of the body for the latter half of the skill of before.

Therefore, by one does not become the combination even if I join the independent skill together simply.

You will understand the meaning of the explanation,if you try on the animation in my shop.

It is the basic combination which we continues practicing till becoming a senior since the days of a beginner, and use even the match frequently.

OK,let's go to "Brave Stream" from the button in the left area of this blog!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Left Punch released


I released the Left Punch animation.And I added it to a blue vending machine.
This skill is very important for combination skills.
I'm going to make them from tomorrow.The works will be really happy for me.
And it will be interesting for karate fans,too.

Please expect it.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Hi,it is a very hot day in Japan.
By the way,following SLExchange, the use of SLBoutique started, too.

This image is the screen which appears when I took a search in "karate".
The articles of karate seems still very little,so my articles form a line in a high rank a lot.

And a list of my articles page is this url.
Please visit and watch them.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

SL Exchange

There is an information today.
I started to use SL Exchange to exhibit my animations.Everyone can purchase my animations from web site. The URL of the list of my animations is below.

I registered my articles with this category,Home -> Animations -> Combat Animations .

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


The Kichijoji SIM has opened this noon in Japan.
Some visitors have already been there.

The place is here.
Kichijoji 128,128,24

It feels very good I think.
And there is Inokashira Park in the south area from kichijoji station.
If you ride on a boat,you will be happy.

My Karate animation colosseo is in the north east area of Kichijoji SIM.
The slurl is bellow.
Kichijoji 15,225,24

This avatar is my second avatar for confirmation of animation.
So,his appearance is often changed.

OK,please visit the very new city in SL.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


The Kichijoji SIM is going to open.
I have helped to develop towns from a few weeks ago.

Yesterday,the member of the Kichijoji was working in the midnight.Kichijoji is a real city in Tokyo.
There is a city of the atmosphere that is fashion with popularity to a youth.
Kichijoji SIM is going to similar in real Kichijoji.
It will open on June 13.

I asked for a shop for the station square.
As a result, I was able to prepare Brave Stream Kichijoji station square shop.

And I asked for another one place, land for a luxurious thing.
I borrowed land of 1,024 square meters and built the shop which resembled the Colosseum of ancient Roman age there.

In fact, I wanted to make here an arena.
To tell the true intention, I wanted to make here the arena where avatars fight with the karate skill.However, it is the dream that is impossible to me now because it thinks that perhaps a complicated scripts are necessary to realize it.

By the way, I want to inform it of a place of Kichijoji SIM and detailed contents if it is June 13.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Side Kick

Hi,I released the "Side Kick" today.
You can try on from this url "" .

The "Side Kick" is a popular technique in karate.But many people are watching it in kung fu movies.

The side kick in karate is a little different from the one in kung fu.
Because a player holds it in the form that is easy to use a side kick from a beginning by kung fu, but in the form that is easy to start a punch by karate.

And a side kick resembles back kick.
A different point of both is a difference of an angle of a waist and an angle going over the leg.

Using a side kick, I put up a side of a foot like an edged tool and hit to an enemy. The form of the foot is called "sokutou" in Japanese. The meaning of it is "sword of a foot".

OK,please try on the "Side Kick".

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Hello,this is my first posting.
I'm going to write about actions in Second Life.
I'm Japanese,but my name in Second Life is "William7 Streeter".Because I like William Wallece in "Brave Heart".So,I named my shop "Brave Stream".

I don't know whether this name is not funny as English.However, I like it because the reading feeling is good.By the way,what kinds of shop is my "Brave Stream"?

It is a shop selling karate animations.
Please visit there from this URL.

I had learned karate for about 10years in Japan.First 4 years in Nagoya,and next 6years are in Tokyo.I was given the black belt 2nd degree,and I participated in an all-Japan championship twice.

When I knew second life for the first time,I thought that Ishould make real karate motions for avatars,because one of my work of these past several years is CG production.I thought that it was the activity that only I could do.

So,I made some animations,and increase them continuously from now on.I will report my actions with this blog mainly about making karate animations.

My English sentence is unpolished, and is sorry.