Saturday, June 23, 2007

I showed the combination skill.

Hello, I showed the combination skill.
It is the combination made from left punch,right punch,left high roundhousekick.
It is called "one two high" in Japanese karate dojo.

Till today,I made roundhousekick,left punch and right punch.
Even if I arrange the 3 simply,they do not become the combination .

For example,in the case ofn the case of upper combination,I start the next skill with the twist of the body for the latter half of the skill of before.

Therefore, by one does not become the combination even if I join the independent skill together simply.

You will understand the meaning of the explanation,if you try on the animation in my shop.

It is the basic combination which we continues practicing till becoming a senior since the days of a beginner, and use even the match frequently.

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