Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Hello,this is my first posting.
I'm going to write about actions in Second Life.
I'm Japanese,but my name in Second Life is "William7 Streeter".Because I like William Wallece in "Brave Heart".So,I named my shop "Brave Stream".

I don't know whether this name is not funny as English.However, I like it because the reading feeling is good.By the way,what kinds of shop is my "Brave Stream"?

It is a shop selling karate animations.
Please visit there from this URL.

I had learned karate for about 10years in Japan.First 4 years in Nagoya,and next 6years are in Tokyo.I was given the black belt 2nd degree,and I participated in an all-Japan championship twice.

When I knew second life for the first time,I thought that Ishould make real karate motions for avatars,because one of my work of these past several years is CG production.I thought that it was the activity that only I could do.

So,I made some animations,and increase them continuously from now on.I will report my actions with this blog mainly about making karate animations.

My English sentence is unpolished, and is sorry.

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