Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"Round Chops" is released.

The skill "Round Chops" is for training for seniors in dojo.

Watch movie and read details is this page.

By the way, today is the last day of the "Kichijoji Sim". So, I took pictures in there today, too.

The building over there is my shop.
There are a lot of memories in this city.

Memories in Second Life are strangely real.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I made "Horizontal Chop".

Follow in the last time I made the animation to use chop.
This skill is a basic and classic skill, too. But I like this.

The difficult point to make this animation is the twist condition of the upper body and the waist. A little time was necessary.

I found that the pose needs the usage of complicated joint.

Please visit the wab page from the url. You can watch the movie and details about this animation.

By the way, the place where I took the movie was the Kichijoji SIM. There are many momories for this SIM.

But this SIM will be closed on Jun 30. Im am very sorry.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I made "Chop from the Overhead".

Hi, I made the animation of chop this time successively in the last time.

This chop will be the most powerful skill in all chops.

This is a skill for training in  dojo. This skill is very dynamic about the motion of arm and whole body.

I had learned from my teacher,
"By moving speedy and dynamic in the training, you will be able to move more speedy in the match."

It is important to use not only the arm but also whole body.

Please watch this page about this animation. (YouTube movie and commentary)
Brave Stream Official Website "Chop from the Overhead"

The point that I cared about is the balance of torsion condition of the upper body and the waist.
I did adjustment again many times.

I want to make some more chops.

And I will make the combat weapon that icludes many chops.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I made the karate animation "Chop from the Inside".

Hi,I made the karate animation "Chop from the Inside". This is the quiet skill, but is symbolic skill of karate.

Please watch this page about this animation.

Brave Stream Official Website "Chop from the Inside"

I think this last pose is cool.

Recentry, I think that the motion of karate is really reasonably, when I make animation by Poser7.
Because the position of the waist is defined precisely in karate.

It will be the knowledge which was taken long time and was kneaded.

By the way, the place where I photographed for YouTube movie is favorite. The reflection of the sea is good. This is the shore near my Gomes shop.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Brave Stream Official website is opened.

Hi, today I opened the "Brave Stream" English official website.

It has taken it for half a year to complete this website. Because I was busy in winter in the real business.

But I am very happy to open this site.

My items have been increased very much. So, to understand all items is not easy for users.

I hope many residents of SL come to this website and find the favorite animations, weapons, and HUDs.