Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Combination of Right Low, Middle, High Kick

Hi, how are you?

In Japan, economy is in a very uneasy situation.
But all coutry will be same situation...

Taday, I released new animation.
It is a "Combination of Right Low, Middle, High Kick".

The 1st kick, is low kick.
And pullig back a foot, with no landing.

Next is middle kick. Kick with high speed and not heavily.
Pull back a leg without landing.

The last high kick. Swing the kick.
It finished.
A sunset is beautiful.
The shop of the animation is here.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Right Axe Kick

Hi, how are you?
I am anxious about the stock prices.

Today, I released the new karate animation for second life.
It is a "Right Axe Kick".

This skill had made be popular by Andy Hug.
When he was a player of karate, he often used this kick by turning the inside and raise the leg.
But when he become a K1 fighter, he had used it by turning the outside and raise the leg many times.

This animation is the way by turning the outside and raise the leg .

At first it is a posture with the orthodox style.
Putting up the right knee to open slightly from the front forth.

Raising a foot for overhead.
Then, it is important to return the heel of the pivot leg and sneak around a waist .
Swing down the leg, fast and strongly to give damages.
He should attracts the leg to a body quickly.
Not touch down the leg to the ground directly.
Taking down a foot calmly.
Even if the action was very dynamic, he should return to pose smoothly by all means.
This skill is very difficult.
Andy Hug was very great.