Saturday, October 11, 2008

Right Axe Kick

Hi, how are you?
I am anxious about the stock prices.

Today, I released the new karate animation for second life.
It is a "Right Axe Kick".

This skill had made be popular by Andy Hug.
When he was a player of karate, he often used this kick by turning the inside and raise the leg.
But when he become a K1 fighter, he had used it by turning the outside and raise the leg many times.

This animation is the way by turning the outside and raise the leg .

At first it is a posture with the orthodox style.
Putting up the right knee to open slightly from the front forth.

Raising a foot for overhead.
Then, it is important to return the heel of the pivot leg and sneak around a waist .
Swing down the leg, fast and strongly to give damages.
He should attracts the leg to a body quickly.
Not touch down the leg to the ground directly.
Taking down a foot calmly.
Even if the action was very dynamic, he should return to pose smoothly by all means.
This skill is very difficult.
Andy Hug was very great.


term paper writers said...

ohh, it's so difficult. but it works, and works so well. good tech

Man and Van in London said...

I wish I could do it too...