Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jumping Reverse Roundhouse Kick

Hi, this is William7 Streeter.
Today, I released the animation of "Jumping Reverse Roundhouse Kick".

This skill is popular in action cinemas. But I have never made this animation with no reasons.
Watch this skill by YouTube movie.

I have written that the jumping motion is very difficult to make for second life animation.
Because when I upload the BVH file, the height of jump is minimized.

So, I set very high for jumping at this animation.

Today, I explain my animation. This is the fighting pose.

The avator is jumping. The upper body is rolling faster, and going to aim to front of him.

The right leg is swinging by using the torsion of the upper body.

This is the timing of impact. The right hand has been swung to acquire force for rolling of the body.

Swinging up the leg like hooking, the kick is finished.


That's all.
It is necessary to move all joints of body.
So, I have to set the pose for all frames of animations by Poser7.0.

Is my commentary interesting?
The shop where this animation is sold is here. You can try it on the orange vendor.
Thank you!

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