Sunday, August 1, 2010

At last "typeC" was completed.

At last I completed the "Karate for DCS2/CCS/XRPS".

I spent about 1 year to make this, because I had been very busy in real life from last autumn to this spring.

But in June, I opened the official website, and today I released this "typeC".
I am a little happy now.

You can watch this animation by YouTube from following URL.

The characteristic of "typeC" is composition from classical and traditional skills of karate.

When I started to learn karate, I wondered "will these skills be usable in real match?".

After that, I understood those seem not to be usable.But the interest lasted all the time.

When I tested this weapon, I thought "It is cool unexpectedly."

By the way, I set the price "L$1700", slightly low price.
I will be happy if many players use this weapon.