Tuesday, June 12, 2007


The Kichijoji SIM has opened this noon in Japan.
Some visitors have already been there.

The place is here.
Kichijoji 128,128,24

It feels very good I think.
And there is Inokashira Park in the south area from kichijoji station.
If you ride on a boat,you will be happy.

My Karate animation colosseo is in the north east area of Kichijoji SIM.
The slurl is bellow.
Kichijoji 15,225,24

This avatar is my second avatar for confirmation of animation.
So,his appearance is often changed.

OK,please visit the very new city in SL.

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William Wilson said...

I live in Kichijoji near Inogashira Park. I just joined Second Life but don't know much about it... now I have someplace to go there. Thanks