Saturday, June 9, 2007

Side Kick

Hi,I released the "Side Kick" today.
You can try on from this url "" .

The "Side Kick" is a popular technique in karate.But many people are watching it in kung fu movies.

The side kick in karate is a little different from the one in kung fu.
Because a player holds it in the form that is easy to use a side kick from a beginning by kung fu, but in the form that is easy to start a punch by karate.

And a side kick resembles back kick.
A different point of both is a difference of an angle of a waist and an angle going over the leg.

Using a side kick, I put up a side of a foot like an edged tool and hit to an enemy. The form of the foot is called "sokutou" in Japanese. The meaning of it is "sword of a foot".

OK,please try on the "Side Kick".

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