Tuesday, August 14, 2007

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Hi, everyday is very hot in Japan.

I have finished making animations for the event in Kichijoji SIM.
These are animations of "Awa Odori" which is the one of Japanese traditional and very famous dance.

I cannot show you them bay movie now,because the event is the first release of them.
But the 1image showing is OK, and it is below.

After the event(17th-19th, Aug),I will sell these animations at my shop.

By the way,I write the important point to make animations by "Poser".

Making animations for Second Life Avator,you should set zero figure pose at the 1st frame.
In other words you must zero the rotary angle of all joints like below.And you will make key from 2nd frame.

After making almost keys,you supplement between keys.

When you do it, you will supplement by spline curves.The spline curve makes the motion natural.In the image of abave,the green keys mean the spline curve.

But,when you see the next frame........
The figure is such a terrible condition. Why?
The reason is that there is the pose of all joint zero in the first frame.

Watch the spline curve at the graph.

The curve is the motion of her waist.
In fact, I want to make the motion like a blue curve from 2nd frame to 12th frame.

But the spline curve makes too big wave.
One way to avoid this situation is to make the curve a straight line.
The orange frames mean the strait line.
But to tell the careful thing, this motion is not natural for human.
It is like a machine's motion.

After all I want to use the spline curve.

To use it and not to make broken pose, I push the "Spline Cancel" button, after selecting 2nd frame keys.
Hey, I succeeded in getting the effect that I expected at last.

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