Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I have opened the En-Bu stage.

Hi, at last I have completed the En-Bu stage.
"En-Bu" is a demonstration of Japanese "Budo"(samurai spirits).
I' build it abaove my 2nd shop in Kichijoji SIM.

Seeing from a ground, it's a strange feeling that the lump of the stone floats in the sky in this way.
The yellow ball means the sun, and that emits particle.
I looked from the side. It is like a "town center" in "Ege of Empire".And this is a view from the sky.
And when I approach, stage is quite large ; (a diameter of 20m).
I am doing a karate en-bu.
You can play the animation on each Dance Ball.
I made this!
This is my first making that I could be satisfied about sculpt.
Because the fire change in various ways with time, please watch the fire.
And turn "ON" the Movie control and BGM control.
If you do it, you can find another effects.
Please come to enjoy this stage.

Kichijoji 9,247,45

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