Sunday, March 30, 2008

Test in CoLA for CCS

Hi, my "Karate for DCS" became popular.
Some people ask me "Is it OK for CCS,too?".

I think I have to confirm it.
So, I get into CoLA.
(Lost Angels 139,98,28)

I arrived CoLA, it is below.
I got the CCS HUD, by clicking the board.

After attatching it, the HUD interface appears left side, and the value of health etc, appears above the avator.

Out of the building, there are meny combat fighters like this.

My purpose to came here is to comfirm that the "Karate Fight for DCS" is OK for CCS,too.
so, I fight with my 3rd avator at the street of CoLA.

I confirmed it is OK.
I am satisfied enough.

But CoLA is very heavy lag...


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