Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The First Collection of Karate Animations

Hi, my karate animations increased considerably.
So, I begin set selling for the first time. The name of set item is "Karate Animation 1st collection".
It is sold in "SL Exchange" and "Shop Onrez".

SL Exchange ・・・ http://www.slexchange.com/modules.php?name=Marketplace&file=item&ItemID=384977
shop.onrez ・・・ http://shop.onrez.com/item/374351

I did not feel like for set selling very much,but there seems to be many people bought at a time plenty, according to the "Transaction History".
So, I thought the set item may be necesarry.

Animations in the set "1st collection" are bellow.
The price is discounted a little than buying them individually.

Fithing Pose (hands are released)
Fithing Pose (with fist)
Fithing Pose (southpaw)
Right Punch
Left Punch
Left Front Kick
Right Front Kick
Left Roundhouse Kick
Right Roundhouse Kick
Right Roundhouse Kick(with feint)
Right Reverse Roundhouse Kick
Jumping Backspin Kick
Left Axe Kick
Left Side Kick
Right Backspin Chop
Combination of Punch left ,right and left roundhousekick
Combination of left roundhouse kick and right reverse roundhouse kick
Karate combination skill of Punch left ,right,Backspin blow,Axe kick
HUD to control animations , Motion Pug 1.0

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