Sunday, October 21, 2007

New Conbination Skill Animation

Hi, I released a new karate animation.
It is a combination of right roundhouse kick, left reverse roundhouse kick, right jumping high kick.

I am satisfied with this work.
I remember the player who showed this movement in the real match once.The movement was very splendid.

By the way, my tool to make animation is Poser7.0.
I am usually troubled with the change of the angle of the ankle ,when I turn off the Inverse kinematics.Possibly I may not understand an operation method.

I turn on IK from beginning to end and, in the case of the movement with a few raising and lowerings of foot, can make it.
But when a foot to sprinkle a center of gravity changes frequently, I must change ON,OFF of IK.
I perform pose registration frequently to deal with the symptom.
I finally register the pose of all frames, and arrange all poses in the state that turned off IK and fine-tune by one frame.

I think it is very important to adjust all frames without compromising.

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