Saturday, February 9, 2008

About DCS

Hi, a Karate weapon for DCS was finally completed.

I will show it soon, and I will make a new shop only for DCS users.
Because it seems to cause confusion when I put the tools of the different use in the same place.

DCS users, expect it and please wait.

By the way, I write about DCS today.
At first, it was an opportunity that DCS was introduced by an American man.
He said to me."You should make the Karate weapon for DCS"
I asked him."What is DCS ?"
He gave me teleport.

This plase was "DARK CITY", SIM for DCS.
I knew "DCS" means "Dynamic Combat System".
The combat in "DARK CITY" was very exciting. And I made up my mind to make an karate weapon for DCS.

In DCS, members use the HUD that display numerical value such as health or the stamina.And values(strength ,concentration, etc.) also forms a line in the screen upper part.

I heard that SIMs for DCS are over 30, and over 5,000 peaple play there.
DCS is not only combat system but also RPG system.So, they do not always fight, usually enjoying role playing.

To start DCS, we should go to Resource Center of DCS.Jarang (143, 213, 377)

Signboards of SIM for "DCS" are displayed there.

HUD or weapons of "the DCS" are sold over there.

It is a 1st step to get them to start DCS.

I went to the "Roman Empire"SIM. The Roman Empire (5, 127, 30)Because I who liked the history was interested in the SIM.

I picked a quarrel recklessly.

I have been ruined by a sword a lot.
My health became only 16%.

It is very difficult to win the battle in DCS.

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