Monday, January 28, 2008

Priority and Permission

Hi, I'm now making Karate weapon for DCS.

Yesterday, I edited my all karate animations those are sold at shops in SL, and in SLEX and shop OnRez.

I changed
1, I made the priority of all animattions "4".
2, I made the permission of all animattions "modify OK".

You know, we should configure the priority of animation when we upload BVH file.
Sometimes I have set it 3, because there are no problems to enjoy only watching animations.
but recently, many peaple purchase my Karate animations to make weapons for combat.

In many combat sysytems, player uses arrow buttons for avator's motion.
At this time, if the priority of Karate animation is low, walking motion delete the Karate animation.

So, I changed the priority "4".

And to make weapon with Karate animations, they want to change the file name.
So, I made the "modify" permission OK.

I think that the karate animations became the convenient materials to make a weapon.

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