Thursday, January 10, 2008

We can understand if talk with.

Hi, recently I have got a lot of IM from the people who are not Japanese.
Needless to say, they chat in English.

I usually read them when they are not in SL, because there is difference in time.
Because I am troublesome, I ignored them in a beginning, but recently I intend to challenge to reply and talk.

For about a month I have talked with various foreigners.
And I knew that I tend to profit by the conversation , though it began with a very simple IM.
I am poor at English, but after chatting hard,I can see the thing which the partner wants.
When I prepare it after a few hours, the partner often purchases it with thanking me.

Many peaple often say " you should enjoy second life as community ".
But I have thought to enjoy only selling my animations because my English is limited.

But nealy I communicate many foreigners, I feel that fun of the second life is to communicate with persons of the different culture.

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