Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Combination of Left High, Side, Right Punch

Hi, the election has finished in USA.
I have shown it in TV, the movement for election is very different from Japanes one.
It seems very exciting.

By the way, I released the new Karate animation, today.
This skill is very high-level.

First skill is a left roundhouse kick, and without touching the foot tin the ground, next skill is left side kick, and last is right punch.

Watch YouTube movie about this combination.
It is a very difficult skill, so many trainings are needed.

At first, the fighting pose.
You know, this is left roundhouse kick.

After it, he never touch his foot in the ground.

The motion to the side kick is starting.

It is the side kicik.
It is recemble to roundhouse kick with seeing the static image.
Of course, if you see the movie, you may not think so.

The side kick is finished.

The right punch is released.
That is not easy to use punch quickly after the side kick.
That's all.
This animation is in the gray vendor in the shop.
The slurl is below.

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larry said...

I think Linden Labs also insisted on a large number of code changes and code library restrictions which are not required/enforced of other 3rd party viewers—for instance, they made the level of detail improvements for oblong sculptie forbidden to Emerald/Phoenix, but other 3rd party viewers still use it.
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