Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Combination of Backspin Low and Right High Kick

Hi, it is very cold this week, isn't it?
In Japan, there are many bad news about economic, politic and society.

Today, I released this animation.

It is a combination of backspin low and high kick.

I think the man who used the backspin low kick was Andi Hug.
And I think that Kancho, Matsui had used, too.

I have never seen that the combination of this skill and high kick.
This combination was used by my dojo mate in the dojo where I learned karate.

1st, it is a fighting pose.
2nd, the backspin low is coming. 3rd, it is hitting the opponent's leg. 4th, it is changing to high kick.

5th, the high kick is hitting.

6th, kick is ending.

The last, it ended.

How is the skill?

You can try it here.

Thank you!

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