Thursday, December 11, 2008

Reverse Roundhouse Jumpig Triple Kick

Hi, X'mas is coming.
Nearly, a woman gave me IM that she will present my Karate HUD to a friend.
I am very grad to read it, and it is a very unique present.

Today, I released the animation.That is "Reverse Roundhouse Jumpig Triple Kick".
It is a super kick.

This is a YouTube movie.

This skill is very difficult, so we can't see this skill in the actual match of karate.

1st, this is a fighting pose.

The reverse roundhouse kick is starting. And jumping with kicking. After the reverse roundhouse kick, the right roundhouse kick is ready in the air. The right roundhouse kick!
After the kick, the last kick is ready in the air. The last is right reverse roundhouse kick. That's all.

You can try the animation from below.


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