Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The "2nd Collection" is released.

Hi, the holidays are going to the end.

Today, I released the "2nd Collection of Karate Animations".
Now, I am sekking it in SL,
Ater a few hours, I upload to Xstreet.

You can use them as materials for weapons.

If you have "Karate Fight for DCS/CCS/WARPS", you can make it your favorite combination be by these animations.
The animations in this collection are released at "Karate Animation Brave Stream" from November in 2007 till July in 2008.

The items in this collection are 3poses, 11animations below.

(1)Combination skill of Right High Kick, Left Reverse Roundhouse Kick, Right Jumping Roundhouse Kick
(2)The loop animation of Karate, "En-Bu" no,1
(3)Right Knee Kick
(4)Left Knee Kick
(5)Right Low Kick
(6)Double Jumping Knee Kick
(7)Combination of Punch left ,right and left Low Kick
(8)Combination of right Low Kick and left High Kick
(9)Combination of left Front Kick and right High Kick
(10)Combination of Left Double Punches and Right Low Kick
(11)Combination of 3Punches and Right Low Kick

The total price of them is "L$ 3,360".

But you can purchase this collection by special price "L$ 2,950"

/// Permissions ///
Modify OK, Transfer OK
*You can use them for weapn"Karate Fight for DCS/CCS/WARPS" or another weapon by changing file names.

/// Priority ///
Animation's priority is 4.

Please try it!

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