Saturday, May 9, 2009

"The 3rd Collection of Karate Animations" is released.

Hi, I released "The 3rd Collection of Karate Animations".

You can use them as materials for weapons.

If you have "Karate Fight for DCS/CCS/WARPS", you can make it your favorite combination be by these animations.
The animations in this collection are released at "Karate Animation Brave Stream" from July in 2008 till January in 2009.

The items in this collection are 11animations below.

(1)Rush of Body Blows
(2)Combination of Left Triple High Kick
(3)Combination of Left Axe Kick and Right Low Kick
(4)Jumping Reverse Roundhouse Kick
(5)Right Axe Kick of Karate
(6)Combination of Right Low, Middle, High Kick
(7)Combination of Left High Kick, Side Kick, and Right Punch
(8)Rounding Heel Kick (Dou Mawashi Kaiten Geri)
(9)Combination of Backspin Low and Right High Kick
(10)Reverse Roundhouse Jumping Triple Kick
(11)Triangle Jump of karate

The total price of them is "L$ 3,250".
But you can purchase this collection by special price "L$ 2,850"

Watch movies of these animations by YouTube.

/// Permissions ///
Modify OK, Transfer OK
*You can use them for weapn"Karate Fight for DCS/CCS/WARPS" or another weapon by changing file names.

/// Priority ///
Animation's priority is 4.

/// All itmes of William7 Streeter ///

Thank you!


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