Saturday, August 29, 2009

Backspin Right Punch

Hi, my difficult work in real world is completed, and it is karate animation up after a long absence.

The animation that I released today is "Backspin Right Punch".

This is a classical motion in karate.
It can not be shown in karate match, but I like this skill.
I think it will be cool to use this skill in combat.

1, It starts from "Zenkutsu dachi".

2, Move the right leg to front by streight line.

3, After it, twist the upper body to right side.

4, Give a punch by force to return the body twisted to right.

After all will this be quiet?

After all will this be quiet? But I think that it is the cool skill, but will be enthusiastic?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for good news!