Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Kime" of Karate

In karate dojo, students often take advice to use "Kime" in basic skill. Almost students understand "Kime" by watching the motion of seniors. It will be difficult to explain by words.

Yesterday, I released the new animation "Fists,Elbow,Sweep".
I took care to express "Kime" in this animation.

What is "Kime" in making animation?
I think it will be "Ease in" of animation technique.

The following images are each frames of the part of "Sweep Guard".

From 1st to 3rd images are small change. And 4th is big change, and 5th is stop. Stop continues to 7th.

This is ease in. I think it is necessary to make the motion like "Kime".

You can watch this animation by YouTube from following URL.

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