Saturday, July 17, 2010

Memories of "Six Kicks"

In "Six Kick", tehre are also many memories, because it was a skill for examination, too.
Especially, the "Hook Kick" was very seductive skill for me.

In this combination skill, the player should do the "Hook Kick" after the roundhouse kick.
I could not understand the angle of waist for the hook kick.

If I want to do the hook kick effectively, the kick must hit perpendicularly to the opponent.
But my body was not very flexible. So when I tried to kick it effectively, I had to incline the upper body.

If the player's body is very flexible, he can do the hook kick effctively without incline his upper body.

This animation is a motion of the player who has a flexible body.

Watch movie and read details is this page.

By the way, the place I took picture for YouTube is a hangar of the airplanes.
There seems be a person who loves airplanes.

In usual, I do not take awalk in SL.
So, it is very interesting to search the favorite place to take pictures.

There seems many people who want to make their favorite objects.

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