Saturday, July 10, 2010

Memories of "Five Kicks"

Today, I released the animation "Five Kicks".
I remembered this skill is was a problem of the examination.

I think I have learned this skill when I was white belt. But I couldn't follow others. I practiced a lot and advanced little by little.

When I had become green belt, I could play this skill smoothly.

At my first examination, I was very tired because I didn't know about the examination. I think the last problem of basic skill was "Five Kicks". I have finished doing it desperately while being out of breath.

I think that we were made to do this skill in examinations of all levels.

If he lets the skill succeed, the wide position will be same as beginning. But in actual, it was very difficult. So, I often hit the next person.

I put the thought that I wanted to do this skill like this animation.

Watch movie and read details is this page.