Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Number of Residents Logged-In

Hi, it's very cold, is't it?
But in SL, it's very hot before X'mas.

Total Residents of SL increased 11,476,426 ,today.
But they say that there are many people who log in only 1time, because they cannot find what to do.
So, I have been interested in the change of the number of Residents Logged-In.
At this page we can see the numbers of "Residents Logged-In During Last 7,14,30,60 Days".
(I think numbers will be ones of unique users)

But I could not find the graph of the change of them.
(If you know about it, please teach me.)

I have begun to write down numbers of "Population" of the page in Excel from the latter half of September.
*I think the points falling greatly are influence of maintenance in SL.

Seeing it, numbers increase from the latter half of October to November, but become about the same with numerical value three months ago when December begins.

Because the age group of most users seems to be 30 generations, the number of the login may fall in the time when work is busy.

Total Residents ;
07/09/24 ; 9,686,1
07/12/18; 11,457,044
They increase by about 18%.

This increase rate should be just reflected to the number of the login.
Well, almost people may be so busy now.

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