Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sculpted Prim by LightWave3D (2nd)

Today,Iexplain about sculpted prim made by LightWave3D.
A finished product is the lights tower in the image below.
I like the shadow chopped in structure very much.
I looks photograph-like, but it is not a photograph.

At first, , make an object by LightWave, and set surface by node editer that was added from LW9.0.

After the appearance became good feeling, render it by "surface baking camera".

Then the following texture was made.

Next, render the sculpt image by using the plugin of LW.
It is easy to make this, because the work can be done immediately after making surface.

Well, look at the step before rendaring.
The most important thing to make sculpt prim is editting a UV map adequately.

By default, the UV map of this object is below.
Seemingly I seem to be orderly, but there is a protruding part.
In addition, it is hard to find it, but, the top and base round surfaces are in linearity state at top and the base of the map.

Widen these and edit it, not to protrude ,not to have blanks.
At last, make it a triangle polygon by Ctrl+T.

Notice, making triangle polygon is the last work, because edittig becaome defficult after it.

Aftre them, the final map is below.
I do not think this is perfect, but think that the point where I minded was not wrong because I was able to make the shape that I thought.

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